LIKES:  serge, nature, animals, clouds, bugs, hugs, ben’s bread, friends, making things, the sky, moss, lichen, collecting things, rockhounding, friends, making new friends, talking about ideas, family, poppy, mom, massage, colors, stacking things, maps, photography, art, soap, scents, rain, rain smell, dreaming, day dreaming, sleeping, letters, love letters, making lists, trying new things, hikes at night, learning new things, making food, reading, interesting people, places, design, boys, my catsssss, other people’s cats and so much more.

DISLIKES:  ugh jerks, slightly crooked things, depression, sitting in front of the computer for too long, getting stuck, feeling bad about myself, traffic, not having fresh air, stress, not being able to find something and  headaches mainly.