The 27 brain organs of phrenology

  1. The instinct of reproduction (located in the cerebellum)
  2. The love of one’s offspring
  3. Affection and friendship
  4. The instinct of self-defense and courage; the tendency to get into fights
  5. The carnivorous instinct; the tendency to murder
  6. Guile; acuteness; cleverness
  7. The feeling of property; the instinct of stocking up on food (in animals); covetousness; the tendency to steal
  8. Pride; arrogance; haughtiness; love of authority; loftiness
  9. Vanity; ambition; love of glory (a quality “beneficent for the individual and for society”)
  10. Circumspection; forethought
  11. The memory of things; the memory of facts; educability; perfectibility
  12. The sense of places; of space proportions, of time
  13. The memory of people; the sense of people
  14. The memory of words
  15. The sense of language; of speech
  16. The sense of colours
  17. The sense of sounds; the gift of music
  18. The sense of connectedness between numbers
  19. The sense of mechanics, of construction; the talent for architecture
  20. Comparative sagacity
  21. The sense of metaphysics
  22. The sense of satire; the sense of witticism
  23. The poetical talent
  24. Kindness; benevolence; gentleness; compassion; sensitivity; moral sense
  25. The faculty to imitate; the mimic
  26. The organ of religion
  27. The firmness of purpose; constancy; perseverance; obstinacy