by stefani greenwood

If you have been following A Collection Of, you know that Gilda Davidian and Stefani Greenwood are the authors, dear friends and artists.  If you have arrived here for the first time let me introduce you to us…

Stefani on Gilda: When I think about Gilda my eyes are dripping honey and butterflies are kissing in my hair.  And most definitely the birds are singing –  the flowers too.  Gilda is gutsy and tough but insanely kind and thoughtful – a perfect mix that is never dull and always intriguing.  She has influenced my life profoundly, inspires me constantly and I love her dearly.  She dazzles me with her style, intelligence and energy – seriously, when I think of Gilda I get the feeling of opening a door to a secret dimension. I feel so lucky to have her as a friend.

Gilda on Stefani:  When I think about Stefani my entire being lights up. Stefani is a constant inspiration to me as a creative partner, a friend, and as a fellow human being. I have learned so much from who she is and how she does the things she does. Stefani is an extraordinary combination of thoughtfulness, kindness, genuineness, and loyalty. Her way of seeing the world and uncovering ways of looking amazes me continuously. Her tireless and heartfelt dedication to life and love and discovery are a daily reminder of how I want to be. I thank my lucky stars for aligning my path with hers.


Stefani asks Gilda – – – – – – – – 

What are some of your current obsessions? I’m preparing to leave for school soon again and my mind can’t seem to focus on much else so I think that may be my Prime Obsession at the moment. I’m a big preparer and packer so it’s hard for me not to lose myself and let the little things (lists/organization) take up too much of my time. So to counter my obsessive streak, I’m making sure to spend loads of time with my friends and my family and soak in as much of my favorite places in Los Angeles before I’m off to New York.

Tell us a story from your childhood? I remember playing in my parents’ backyard with my two closest cousins when I was five or six and one of them telling me that there are trains running underneath the ground, deep inside the earth, below our feet. I remember putting my ear to the grass and hearing the trains rushing by.

I also remember spending the night in that same backyard with my family after a nighttime earthquake (don’t ask me why my parents thought it was a good idea for us to sleep outside). My sister, brother and I slept on the grass on cushions from the red plaid couch that sat on our porch. I remember a bird flying straight down from the sky and clutching the grass with its little feet. I remember thinking it must be looking for solid ground because the earthquake must have tossed it around pretty hard when it was flying.

What is something you recently heard or saw that has stuck with you? The Charles and Ray Eames documentary – Eames – The Architect and the Painter – on Netflix! I was so inspired by their process, their home, and their lifestyle. I particularly enjoyed hearing the bit about a dinner party that was hosted at the their house at which they “served” floral arrangements for dessert in lieu of sweets – meaning they set them in front of the guests after dinner so they can revel in their beauty and smell.

What is one thing you think the future will have? I think a lot will change in ways we can’t conceive as we grow further from the understanding of life before the internet.

What is something you are really looking forward to? Turning 30 in July! I’m big into birthdays and this one feels particularly big. I’ve been waiting for it all year. 30 already feels like a change in view. I’m growing old with my body in ways I couldn’t really understand before. I’m understanding how to understand things in ways I didn’t know before.


Gilda asks Stefani – – – – – – –

What are some of your current obsessions?  The pursuit of ideas and adventure always. Currently – altered states, navigating through space, desire, repetition, and fantasy lives.

What have you been listening to recently?  Firstly, the new Rufus Wainwright album – Out of the Game.  Other things are animal sounds, found sounds, John Maus, Girls, Wilco, Moondog, Nirvana, Air, Yo La Tengo,  XX, Dinosaur Jr., The Shins, Ben Lee, Bob Marley and Stephen Malkmus.

What were you like when you were 12?  I was pretty much hating life.  To quote my dad, I was “Nasty” and to quote my mom I was “Moody”.  I was going to a new school that I didn’t want to go to and none of my friends were coming with me.  But on the brighter side of my dark life, I met one of my best friends that year, Becky Yamamoto.  I was introduced to new music like The Cure, Morrissey and Jane’s Addiction and my mind was being blown! This will come as a shock – I loved the color black, crystals and weirdos.

I know that I was so totally ready to be 13.

What do you find yourself thinking about these days before you fall asleep? What are humans? Kitties! Serge is so sweet and handsome. B L A C K   H O L E S.  Did I set the alarm? Tomorrow? I always hope the phone won’t ring in the middle of the night.

Tell us something you’ve learned so far being a human being on Earth that you think is worth sharing at this time (no pressure).
While I was listening to Rufus’s new album I heard him sing, “The open hearted have nothing to fear”.  This is definitely something that is on my mind more than it has been at any other time in my life. Just today I was reading my horoscope from my most favorite astrologer Rob Breszny, and he was talking about overcoming biases for a rewarding experience. After posting about biases, wow like 1.5 years ago, I have never stopped thinking about all of my biases and how I can overcome and challenge myself.  I just keep looking around the world and seeing humans wearing shells of woven dreams, history, emotions and memories.

Also we only live once… or do we?


(The image above is a polaroid taken just last weekend at a wonderful party (art vs. science) where we celebrated our friend Brian’s birthday at one of Los Angeles’s coolest spaces, Synchronicity.  Thank you to our friend Ava for the forever memory of our costume as a John Baldessari piece.)

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