by stefani greenwood

Three adjectives that come to mind are genius, never-ending, frightening.

Here are some things that I have been meaning to tell you about, but somehow put off or emailed to myself and then just moved to the A Collection Of folder.  Oopsies.

Selected from the selection:

- Louis Theroux – oh this man (major swoon). If you are interested in documentaries, people, humanity, funny things or interesting things in America, check him out immediately.

- Wade Davis – Have you read any of his books? Or listened to his TED talk? He opens my mind and heart in new ways.

- What are the most addictive sounds in the world? LINK

- Have you been to the Rainforest Flora shop? They have a huge selection of air plants!

- List of National Historic places in Los Angeles – LINK

- The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – In particular the part about people living in their own dreams, their own minds. LINK

- Cryptomnesia?

- This video on seed dispersal had me entranced.  Fascinating to say the least.

-The Aymara in South America have a concept of time opposite to all the world’s studied cultures. LINK

- My husband and I had Lomi Lomi massages in Kauai at Angeline’s.  It started with a steam and then moved on to a scrub with Hawaiian salts followed by the best massage experience of my life.  I highly recommend it.  LINK

- Cottage Food Laws

- Listen to the first sounds ever recorded: LINK

- Make your own silken tofu! This idea was implanted by a lovely dinner at Robata Jinya, where they made tofu right before our eyes. And then we ate the magic. LINK

- Princeton’s global consciousness project – LINK

- Artist Do-Ho Suh talking about home, place and space – LINK

- Cats are the worst by Nick Kroll – LINK