by Gilda Davidian


I am excited to introduce you to the wonderful Katie McMurran who I met through Angela sometime last year. Katie is a radio producer, composer and audio artist. She studied at CalArts and currently works for KUSC. Be sure to check out her website to hear some of her beautiful compositions (I loved For Keith and Tilt) and projects.

Hi Katie! Considering your background in sound, I can’t help but wonder what you have been listening to lately? The new Sigur Ros and new Beach House have been in rotation lately. I listen to lots of podcasts, and lots of radio in general. I am one of several in my family who subscribes to satellite radio. It has a great college radio station and some fun talk programs. Remember Jane magazine? Jane Pratt hosts a radio show. It’s sassy.

Where is the last place you traveled to? Tell us something that happened there. My last big trip was Thailand. Seeing a falling star from a rowboat ride at night was one of the magical things that happened during the trip. But my favorite part was going down to the beach early in the morning, sitting in a rope swing, and listening to music.

Do you subscribe to any mantras or mottoes? It sounds cheesy but “go with the flow” – don’t resist life. I strongly believe in practicing mindfulness so whatever is happening in this moment, try to experience that fully, good or bad, and then actfrom that place. Not that I’m able to do that all the time, but it’s a goal.

What is something you are looking forward to? I’m going to Brooklyn in a few weeks and am looking forward to spending a day  recording a friend of mine who is an environmental activist.

Are you working on any projects right now? I have two audio projects on the horizon – one on our perceptions of physical beauty, and one on how music represents our feelings for others – why we’re compelled to make mix tapes, for example.

Thank you, Katie!