by stefani greenwood

I feel so lucky to have met the talented and very sweet Angela Denny.  She is multi-faceted and has impressed me with her creative skills from the most endearing watercolors to sewing projects.  She works at shabby chic as a designer too! She has a blog – Bonne Chance – that features fortune cookie fortunes, projects and ideas.  Her heart is huge and we really adore Angie!

Tell us some of your current obsessions.  Recently I have re-acquainted myself with my sewing skills and have been sewing one project every weekend. I get obsessed with picking the right pattern and fabric to use. I love buying vintage patterns on ebay! I am always obsessed with vintage bicycles.

Tell us a story from your childhood. I lived in Virginia for a year when I was about 5 and I have very nice summer memories of catching butterflies in a field and fireflies by a lake, it was quite magical.

What are some of your daydreams? I daydream about sewing  mostly, what I am going to make next, what fabric I will use.  I love to daydream about traveling to far off places!

What is something you recently heard or saw that has stuck with you? I am a big Beastie Boys fan, and I am super sad that MCA , Adam Youch passed away. He was such a sensitive spirit and wrote some very beautiful songs.

What are some of your favorite LA spots? My boyfriend Will and I love to eat at Elf in Echo Park and go to the Cheese Store in Silverlake.  Cafe de Leche in Highland Park is a favorite for their horchata lattes!!  I enjoy fabric shopping dowtown in the garment district, near 9th st.


Thank you so much Angie!


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