by Gilda Davidian

Stefani and I drove to CalArts last week to hear Kerry Tribe speak about her work.  Kerry was so generous and congenial in her lecture. It was a real delight to hear her speak about her projects (past and present) and process. Above is a still from one of my favorite pieces of hers calle Here & Elsewhere.

About the project:

In Here & Elsewhere, two synchronized videos are projected side by side, creating a vertical seam where they meet. What might be called the project’s “narrative” revolves around an interview between an older man who remains off camera and a thoughtful ten year old girl. Periodically the visuals cut away to quotidian interior shots of the girl at home and exterior locations in and around Los Angeles… The relationships that emerge between the images on either side of the central vertical seam serve as a structural score for ideas addressed in the interview, such that the continuity, friction, gaps and overlaps that result from their simultaneity underscore the girl’s desire to speak a coherent articulation of time, space, image and identity. (SOURCE)

You can see an excerpt of the video HERE.


Sidenote: For those of you near CalArts, our friend Akina Cox is having a reception for her thesis show, Ticket to Heaven, from 8 – 10 pm this Thursday. See you there!