by stefani greenwood

You know how sometimes you go in a shop and you feel like you immediately want to leave – like somehow you are bugging the people there, or for some reason there are bad vibes?  Well, when this happens I suggest you leave that store immediately and head on over to one of the friendliest and warmest shops around – Society Of the Spectacle.  Not only is their name a nod to an incredible idea/philosophy/thing, but they have a gazillion radical glasses & sunglasses for you to try on and they want you to try them on.  Going to the little bungalow on York avenue is like walking up to your spectacle dream.  Oh and they have cupcakes from Auntie Em’s on Saturdays – Toot Toot! Below is a Q+A with the two fabulous owners and sisters:

Tell us about some of your current obsessions. Vegetable planting !   Currently I am  really excited about upcycling old wine barrrels cutting them in half and using them as vegetable planters.

Tell us a story from your childhood.  I used to want to marry Elton john.  I loved him to death when I was 11.  I took my mom’s sunglasses- removed the lenses,  painted them and applied sequins.. and then wore them… sheesh!

What is something that you heard or saw recently that has stuck with you? At this years Oscars: When Meryl Streep thanked her personal make up artist and said he had been at her side for every film for over 30 years.  The loyalty and kindness and the remarkable result of that longterm freindship made me cry.. so wonderful. 

What is one thing you think the future will have? Lack of poverty and cruelty  because everyone will know everything about everybody .  There will be no possilbilty to deny the problems- We will all have to fix them.  Peer pressure for good.

What would be a dream come true? I would love to own a log cabin in the woods.  

What is one of your favorite places in Los Angeles?  The Arroyo Seco in springtime right after it has rained.  Walking my dog  (on a leash).

Thank you so very much! 

Society of the Spectacle – 4563 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041


PS. The glasses in the picture are my new and amazing and really sexy Masunaga frames.  Thank you ladies for all of your help and advice.