by stefani greenwood

Over the holidays I received a fantastic gift from my friend Dave!  I opened up the box to see that I was given a Shiitake Mushroom Log kit (visions of fairies dancing in my head.)  You guys guess what?  We are so excited to be doing a giveaway for an ORIGINAL LOG KIT! You too can be growing Shiitakes in the comfort of your own home… just imagine the deliciousness that awaits you!

Lost Creek Mushroom Farm:  Doug and Sondra Williams feature a variety of log kits and products priced from $18-$50 (prices include shipping) and more!  Check out their website!

Details: The log is 14- 15 inches long.  They grow in room light and room temperature and will produce every two months for about four years. Immersing the log in cold water and then soaking it for 24 hours “shocks” it and triggers the fruiting cycle. Mushrooms sprout in 6-10 days, yielding 1/4 – 1/3 pound or more. Then the log “rests” until the next fruiting, requiring soaking every two weeks in nonchlorinated room-temperature water.

Original kit logs come with their own trays for soaking, fruiting and resting. The kit includes instructions and an 8-recipe booklet. The logs are guaranteed to fruit.

Not only that but this too! A portion of all mushroom sales go to the Mushrooms in Ghana Project helping expand the oyster mushroom industry in Ghana, West Africa and introducing Shiitake mushroom log production.  The small scale mushroom farmers, most of them women, are supporting their families; and, as developing entrepreneurs are providing food for their communities.



Leave a comment and we will pick one of you at random in about two weeks.  The very best of luck to you!