by Gilda Davidian

Happy Monday, friends! I’m excited to introduce you to Lauren Spencer King, the¬†wonderful lady in the wonderful photo above. I stumbled upon Lauren’s blog, The Sphinx & the Milkyway, not too long away and I clicked away excitedly, inspired by her words and her images. Lauren is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. Here she is telling us about herself and the things that inspire her most.

Hi Lauren! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an artist living in sunny Los Angeles with my sweet pup Ava. I just graduated from Art Center College of Design with my MFA this past spring. I work primarily in watercolor and have recently been combining my paintings with glass sculpture. I have a blog, the sphinx & the milky way where I post my daily inspiration.

Describe for us what a typical day looks like for you.
I have to say, finding your footing after grad school can be a bit overwhelming at first. But I feel I have finally begun to find my groove. At the moment I am my own boss, which can be both difficult and liberating! My favorite part of the day the is my morning routine. I usually wake up to the sound of my dog, Ava, pitter pattering about, and take her out for a walk. I come inside and feed her and then make myself a delicious breakfast (I am a creature of habit, and have been eating the same breakfast for over three years!). After, I usually sit with a cup of green Yerba Mate tea and check email, get back to clients and spook around on the computer. The rest of the day can vary, lately I have been going to the Library at the Philosophical Society for Research to work on my writing. But, I usually go into the studio and work on my art, or jobs for Spencer Studio.

In the middle of the day I stop to have a dance party to keep myself from getting too serious! After a days work I go to a Breathwork Meditation class, or swing by Cookbook in Echo Park and grab some goodies for cooking at home, or I have tea with a neighbor or see friends for dinner. In the summer I like to go on a hike with Ava in Griffith Park, but as the days grow shorter I tend to like to be at home more, staying cozy while watching a movie or reading a book. I am a homebody and lead a pretty quiet life, but nothing makes me happier!

What are three things that inspire you?
It is so hard to just pick three things! But I will try.
– The Women in my Family – I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up around such inspiring women. My dad’s mom raced Jaguars, was a pianist, and a business women at a time when there weren’t many. My mum’s mom was an artist, an amazing painter and colorist and all around creative spirit! And I am especially inspired by my mum’s life. She was a silversmith and I get goosebumps when I look through the five decades of jewelry she created.
– The Hall of Gem’s at the Natural History Museum – Endless inspiration!
– That feeling you get when you are being witness to something extraordinary and profound and greater than yourself. This has happened to me in different ways: sometimes it is with a person, or while reading a book, or in a certain place, or while standing in front of a particular painting. If I am lucky it sometimes happens when I am making work. I think this is the feeling I live for.

What is something that you are looking forward to?
I just acquired my grandmothers harp. She was a pianist and studied at Fontainebleau. I’m not sure why she had a harp but I can’t wait to learn how to play it!

Tell us about something you learned recently.
I recently learned how to make Vegetable Dyes! I have been loving the alchemical process. So far my favorite dye colors have been blackberry and turmeric. I am going to try Madder Root next. They are so beautiful and not to mention how amazing they make my home smell!

Thank you, Lauren!