by Gilda Davidian

Oh man, there are so many good shows up right now thanks to the Pacific Standard Time exhibitions happening all over Los Angeles! I paid a visit to the MOCA Geffen this past weekend to see Under the Big Black Sun, a survey of Los Angeles art from 1974 – 1981. There were so many amazing pieces in this exhibition and so much to see!

From the website:

Featuring over 130 artists, Under the Big Black Sun includes over 500 art objects organized by theme, rather than by media, to underline the diverse strategies artists were using to address issues in common such as personal identity; American history, politics, and militarism; ecology and the environment; urban life; mass media and consumerism; and religion and spirituality. The exhibition includes documentary, staged, and conceptual photographs; abstract and representational paintings; freestanding sculptures, installations, and environments; performances and public demonstrations; narrative and documentary films and videos; zines and posters; ceramics and models; works on paper; decorative crafts and design objects; and ephemera.

Go see it: Under the Big Black Sun / MOCA-Geffen

P.S. I woke up this morning thinking about this.