by stefani greenwood

This fine Monday morning brings us a very lovely and interactive interview with Kimberley Hasselbrink of The Year In Food blog.  Taken from her site:  “The Year In Food is a place that charts the course of the year through inspired, creative cooking and eating that falls somewhere between comfort and health food.”  Her site is so gorgeous – filled with beautiful images. Just thinking about her thoughtful way of arranging and tasting is making me swoon.  She was kind enough to do a collaboration with us featuring ingredients that we love. She created a recipe for us that looks delicious (see image above and recipe below by KH).  Seriously you guys… our very own ACO recipe.  Party time (in your mouth) people!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and some of your current obsessions.   Almost by default, food is an obsession. Especially unusual produce. I love to learn about weird, edible fruits and vegetables that I’d never known about before. I’m also obsessed with texture and patina, especially the type of textures that develop with age. Old wood surfaces, old silver spoons, peeling paint, rust. I also spend a lot of time digging into soft rock from the 70s and 80s and that’s because I am always trying to construct the perfect road trip mix.

What is one of your best food memories?  When I was in art school, I did a summer program in Switzerland. It was heavenly. We were tucked into a valley in between these epic mountains, and I rode a bike around everywhere and got to think about and make art all day. On our last night in the town, our instructor treated all of us to a fancy meal. The restaurant’s specialty was raclette – a very Swiss dish that is essentially a pile of melted cheese scraped onto your plate and eaten with baby potatoes and cornichons. The restaurant served a five-course meal of raclette – five courses of amazing melted cheese from different valleys in the region. We dined outside, with plate after plate of cheese, unending glasses of effervescent white wine, unlimited charcuterie, and a sky that kept threatening a thunderstorm that never materialized. It was an absolutely perfect evening.

What would be a dream come true?  If I came into a Canon 5D and a 4-wheel drive Sportsmobile so I could spend half the year working remotely, exploring the wilds of America and documenting the heck out of it. That would be pretty sweet.

What is something you heard or saw recently that has stuck with you?  There’s this great video series of a cross-country food road trip produced by the Perennial Plate. There are a number of episodes that graphically address how animals get to our plates. Even though I eat meat (or maybe because I do), the episodes have really haunted me.

Would you be interested in making a special recipe for ACO?

Thank you so so very much Kimberley!