by Gilda Davidian

Akina Cox is a painter, sculptor and – in general – a maker of many exquisite things. She is currently in the process of getting her MFA at CalArts (woohoo!), which is also where we met many moons ago as suitemates and art school classmates. Akina is a born collaborator and is currently involved in some exciting projects including Lyeberry and Eternal Telethon. Read on to find out more about Akina and all that she does.

Hi Akina! What kind of projects are you working on right now? One of my collaborative projects, The Eternal Telethon, has several events coming up that I’m working on (April 23rd at the Church of Public Fiction and May 7th at MAK Center: Mackey Garage Top).  I’ve been making more objects than paintings lately, which is something new, and I’m doing an installation at the Elysian Park Museum of Art this summer.

Read anything good recently? I am slowly making my way through “The Magic Mountain,” by Thomas Mann (translated by James E. Woods.  I did a book report on it for the Eternal Telethon: LINK

Do you play any instruments? Yes, I play cello in the band Aphid Poop, and I’m learning drums.

Tell us a story from your childhood. I read so many books as a kid that the librarians had my library card on the checkout counter at all times.  I was addicted to all detective stories (Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew especially), and I loved reading picture books aloud to my younger sister.

Thank you , Akina!