by stefani greenwood

Listening to the radio show Democracy Now the other day, I was really motivated by the above quote.  Grace Lee Boggs is a life long activist and  feminist – taking part in almost every major movement in the United States in the last 75 years, including Labor, Civil Rights, Black Power, Women’s Rights and Environmental Justice.  She has dedicated her life to Martin Luther King’s Beloved Community and along with so many other grassroots projects she founded DETROIT SUMMER, a “multicultural, intergenerational youth program to rebuild, redefine and respirit Detroit from the ground up.”

From an interview, “In These Times” with GLB:

What has kept you active all these years?

Thinking dialectically, i.e. recognizing that every practical step forward creates new and more challenging contradictions.

She is 95 and has a new book out, The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism For The Twenty First Century.  Visit the Boggs Center and learn More!

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