by stefani greenwood

Yes! Here is a great interview with Adam Weatherhead, who is a DJ and runs the blog Diddy Wah.  His blog is super rad, offering his readers a wide range of interesting sounds.  Thanks to his blog, I have been introduced to so much awesomeness: everything from sleazy surf to perfectly hand-crafted mixes of musical rarities.  I really encourage you to go over to his site and get lost in the sounds of DJ Diddy Wah.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and some of your current obsessions. I’m a fairly active type, I tend to keep busy. My day job is related to broadcasting, something that I became involved in while at University. Being interested in music lead to my interest in broadcasting, but now that interest runs much deeper. Sometimes, when a discussion is framed in terms of serious news – media acting as the fourth pillar of society – that kind of thing, I think of my background in ‘music’ broadcasting as a little insignificant. Music is still very important to me personally though. My hobbies include seeking out and buying music, going to gigs, blogging about music, DJing, and making mixtapes and podcasts. I have other interests as well. I like to think of myself as a well-rounded man.

Would you tell us a story from childhood? When I was about six, still living in England around a year before moving to Australia, I remember my dad coming home after work with a new vinyl record. My folks had a decent record collection – Stones, Dylan, Pentangle, Jimmy Cliff, Nina Simone – but I had no recollection of them buying any of those, so this was a special occasion. I don’t suppose they had much disposable income once my little sister and I turned up. The new addition was a single, it came in a brown paper bag and we all enjoyed listening to it many times. The record, Pass The Dutchie by Musical Youth.

What would be a dream come true? If a way existed that I could maintain something resembling my current lifestyle and, at the same time, save enough pennies for a deposit to buy a small place in a nice part of London, that would be pretty fantastic right now. I would also like to see governments work harder to increase social mobility, most of the time it seems like they do the exact opposite. Globally, I feel that our species should accept that we are now playing a role in our own evolution. Also, at this point in history, the way things were in the past is no justification for how we act in the present. I think I’ve gone off on a tangent, but dreams are like that…

What is something you learned recently that you would like to share with our readers? Through a short evening course in psychoanalysis, I’ve learnt that one school of thought sees adult humans as either neurotic or psychotic, and another has us pegged as either in the paranoid-schizoid or depressive position, at all times. That’s quite a burden to bear! Also, Melanie Klein’s idea of babies splitting an object into good and bad divisions was a new one to me. In fact, having never studied or taken any serious interest in psychology before, most of the concepts are new to me. The classes are held in Freud’s house. I’ve begun to look at young children in a whole new light. Little freaks.

Thank you Adam!