by Gilda Davidian

Daniel Everett’s website is a treasure trove of ideas, attempts and explorations (visual and otherwise). His work deals with our ever-evolving  relationship with technology, as well as our perception of our surroundings. Daniel has a way of approaching the matter of every day life in ways that make me stop and contemplate the significance of such matter. Here he is talking to us about himself, his surroundings and some things that interest him deeply.

Hi Daniel! Where are you from? I’m originally from Hudson, Ohio, but have moved around a bit (New York, Toronto, Italy). I’ve been living in Chicago for the last few years and am currently out in Utah as a visiting artist.

Describe for us the room you are in right now. I’m actually in my office which doubles as my studio. It’s a long, rectangular room with middle-gray walls and fluorescent lighting. In a kind of international style, it’s completely unadorned and has one large, north-facing window. Right now it’s nearly empty aside from a stack of TVs, a karaoke machine, and a degaussing coil. These days my studio generally functions as a repository and staging area for the small portion of my work that has to exist physically, but most of my art making has moved to the computer and Internet, which I also see as a kind of extended studio.

Tell us about something you read recently that you liked. Recently I’ve been re-reading a number of Siegfried Kracauer’s essays from The Mass Ornament – particularly the ones dealing with photography. These were some of the first writings that really messed with me in art school. He has a very endearing way of destroying your perception of photography and making you question the ultimate function and actual capabilities of the medium. Other than that, it seems like I’m halfway through about 30 other books with no immediate plans to finish any of them. I am currently enjoying Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino, however, and plan on getting at least halfway through (maybe).

What are 3 things that interest you deeply? In the most general sense I’m interested in order, perfection, and exploring ideas of meaning – but maybe that feels too vague. In an immediate and specific sense I’m interested in Street Fighter Alpha 2, failed utopias, and Japanese capsule hotels.

Thank you, Daniel!

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