by Gilda Davidian


The Eternal Telethon is an ongoing series of collectively-organized, live web-casts whose aim is to raise money to fund a convalescent home for retired or ailing artists at the Salton Sea called the Eternal Convalescent Home for Retired Artists, or ECHRA. The ECHRA will be a free-form residency program open to all supporters of the Eternal Telethon. Founded in 2009 by Akina Cox, Chad Dilley, Ina Viola Blasius, John Burtle, and Niko Solorio, the telethon “ …functions both as a showcase for artists to present new, experimental work in a low-pressure environment, as well as a demonstration of how a community can effectively define its needs and empower itself” (source). The next Eternal Telethon will take place on April 23 at the Church of Public Fiction with Signify Sanctify Believe.

Previous Eternal Telethons have included:
#533 @ 533
Infinity + 24 @ Machine Project
Live! From the Moon!
The Future is Eternal @ CalArts

This is is a good video.