by Gilda Davidian

(Image credit: Stefani Greenwood)

In case you didn’t see the links on our twitter and facebook, we did a guest post on Lottie + Doof earlier this week. We are huge fans of Lottie + Doof and Tim was one of the first people we interviewed when we started A COLLECTION OF. Needless to say, we were thrilled when Tim asked us to guest on his blog. Click over to see the recipe for muhammara, a middle eastern red pepper dip, as well as the answers to our food quiz: LINK!

Along with the recipe, Stefani and I put together a booklet of starter recipes from our friends and favorite bloggers, including Tim of Lottie + Doof, Patricia Ann of The Shapes of Things, Anissa Helou, Natalie James of Fashion Intel, Amanda Mae of MaeBird, Kate Miss of For Me, For You, Amelia Morris of Bon Appetempt, Diana Moss and Jessica Shepherd for Miss Moss, Jesse Spears, and Becky Yamamoto! We offered the booklet to the first twenty-five people who commented on the post. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the booklet and to Stefani for designing such a beautiful collection. You can see it/download it here: LINK!

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