by stefani greenwood

1.  Pigeons are unusual in that they can pass the mirror test (which tests whether an animal recognizes its reflection as an image of itself) – they can even discriminate themselves in videos.

2.  Pigeons can understand the relations between relations (For example, the relation between A and A and the relation between B and B is the same: same equals same. So, too, is the relation between A and B and the relation between C and D: different equals different. But, the relation between A and A and the relation between C and D is different: same does not equal different.)  Wait… what?

3.  Studies also suggests that pigeons (scientist think that this may be true for all birds) sense the magnetic field independent of their motion and posture and thus can identify their geographical location.

4.  Another cool thing is that the beak tissue in homing pigeons reacts to the Earth’s external magnetic field in a very sensitive and specific manner, thus acting as a three-axis magnetometer.

5.  When rewarded with food, pigeons can differentiate between two different human beings in a photograph. (What we will all do for food.)

6.  Pigeons can see ultraviolet light and have very sensitive hearing (they are able to hear things at much lower frequencies than humans).

Man, pigeons are totally cool.  The links will only solidify their stature.

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