by stefani greenwood

Barite is a radiating form of crystal, sometimes forming beautiful flower-like clusters.  Thank goodness this gem is easily found in Palos Verdes, California. Less than an hour away from Los Angeles is a gorgeous stretch of ocean and land that offers interesting rock and tidal curiosities.  You can park, walk down an easy trail, and be gifted with a wonderland of rock formations that need only the basics to discover.  I found out about this site through The Vug, a great resource for all things rock related.  Go to the sea, find some barite and then visit the Korean Bell of Friendship (featured in films like the Usual Suspects).  I also read on Wikipedia that Angelyne lives there, along with James Taylor and Juan Croucier – so keep your eyes peeled.

How can this trip go wrong?  Especially when we are offering you a mixed CD, Winter Heat, for your trip.  Write to us – tell us your likes and dislikes and we will send you one.

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