by stefani greenwood

The Green Lynx Spider, Peucetia Viridans, photographed in Pasadena, California. They can be found in mostly the southern United States, in some parts in Northern California, Central America, the West Indies, and Venezuela.  It is known to aggressively attack it’s prey (not humans but in the rare case it does bite it is painful but harmless) and perhaps got it’s name for its ability to pounce in a catlike fashion.  They are diurnal hunting spiders which run over low shrubs with great agility, leaping from place to place with great precision.  They do not build a web to capture prey, but they do release a silk dragline as they hunt among leaves.

Spiders are so amazing and often misunderstood – that is why it is fantastic news that the Natural History Museum will be featuring a Spider Pavilion until November 7th, 2010.  Check it out and maybe we will see each other there!

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