by stefani greenwood

Daydreams happen while you are in an alpha wave state, a more relaxed state of mind.  You use stored information like memories and emotions to create ideas and associations that are the blueprint for your daydream.  The past, present and future become interchangeable and you can have “fantasy” do-overs of events.  (I am so witty and coherent in my theatrical renditions of How I wish It Went). Daydreams are important in helping us process, in the creation of new ideas and in motivation/goal achievement.  During a daydream, it often feels like your mind is wandering and perhaps your head feels lighter, but actually, your brain activates several areas associated with complex problem solving and is working very hard.  A recent study on daydreams shows that the “default network” – which is linked to easy, routine mental activity – and the “executive network” – associated with high-level, complex problem-solving – are both working at the same time.

Your homework:  Take some time to let your mind wander – visualize what your success looks like.

imaginal process inventory questionnaire

day dream believer

thinking about the immortality of the crab

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