by stefani greenwood

The last couple of months I have been walking around the pasadena area, looking down and stopping to collect dead insects along the streets.  The image is a selection of some of my favorites.

There are over a million different species of insects!

Starting from the bottom middle and going counter clockwise:

1.  Ten Lined June Bug:  Will make a hissing sound known as stridulation (rubbing parts of its body together) as a defense mechanism.

2.  Honey Bee: Their wings stroke is 11,400 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz.

3.  Brown June Beetle: A member of the scarab beetle family.

4.  Pinacate Beetle: These beetles to do a “headstand” when threatened.

5.  Cricket:  There are about 900 species and only the male chirps.

6.  Carpenter Bee:  In several species, the females live alongside their own daughters or sisters, creating a sort of social group.

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